Bienvenue à la Haute école en Hainaut

HEH in a few words

Our Institute of Higher Education of the French-speaking community (Haute Ecole en Hainaut also now as HEH) is located in Mons and in Tournai, Belgium.

The HEH consists of four major departments :

  • Economic (BA’s)
  • Social (BA’s and MA’s)
  • Teacher Training (BA’s)
  • Technical Engineering (BA’s and MA’s)


The Economic Department proposes four BA’s :

  • BA in executive assistant
  • BA in law 
  • BA in tourism and leisure management


The Social Department offers two BA’s and one MA :

BA in : 

  • social worker
  • social advisor

MA in :

  • MA in social engineering and action (MIAS)
  • MA (Part-time training) in social transitions and innovations (METIS) 


The Teacher Training Department offers BA’s for students who would like to teach in both primary and secondary schools :

  • BA in preschool teacher 
  • BA in primary school teacher
  • BA certified lower secondary education teacher training degree
    - BA in Dutch and English
    - BA in French - French as a foreign language
    - BA in French and moral education
    - BA in French, philosophy and citizenship
    ​- BA in human sciences : history, geography, social sciences
    - BA in mathematics
    - BA in plastic arts 
    - BA in sciences : biology, chemistry, physics
  • ​BA in youth worker specialised in psycho-educational counselling


The Technical Engineering Department offers BA’s and MA’s in the following fields :

BA in :

  • biotechnics 
    Options : 
    bioelectronics and instrumentation
  • computing and systems : networks and telecommunications
  • electronics : applied electronics
  • graphic techniques : computer graphics

MA in :

  • industrial engineering : building
    ​Options : 
    - energy and environment
    - civil engineering and buildings
  • industrial engineering :  surveyor
  • ​industrial engineering : computer science
    - networks and security
    - automation and embedded systems